Surabaya city tour

Surabaya city tour

Surabaya city Tour

Surabaya city Tour is the short tour package that suitable for those who haven’t much time to stay in Surabaya. Everyday departure from Surabaya and Malang city. The duration takes about 5 hours, here you will accompany by our guide to explore Surabaya City.

# Surabaya, is the second largest city in Indonesia, with it’s population almost reach 4millions people, with it’s various differrent etnich who are living here, make you wanna to explore further about Surabaya.  In the morning, you will be picked up by our Guide at Airport, trainstation or Hotel ( Surabaya or Malang city ). Then proceed to go to explore Surabaya, visit :

# House of Sampoerna, is a combination between Cigarrette museum and Cigarette. Besides visiting the museum, here you can see the process how to roll the Cigarette ( kretek ) manually by hand.

Surabaya Tour

Surabaya tour

# Spices Market, eventhough Surabaya is the big city, but you will find tradtional spices market here, not only spices, but also fresh vegetables and sea water fish.

Surabaya Tour

Surabaya City Tour

# Arab Quarter, is the area in Surabaya that mostly Arab people, and you will visit the oldest Mosque. Along your trip to the mosque, you are going to pass the narrow street ( kampong ), and many local people there selling the parfum, dates, Moslem cloth, and Arabian cake.

# Chinesse Temple, you will be accompany to visit oldest Chinesse temple which is located not far from Arab Quarter.

Surabaya Tour

Surabaya Tour

# Submarine Monument, made in Russia in 1952. Formerly, it’s used by Indonesian navy for military operation. Located near shopping mall at the center of Surabaya.

And still many interesting places you can visit here. We serve daily departure and pick up service from airport, train station, and hotel ( Surabaya area ). This tour package can combine with others Tour package.  Let’s visit Surabaya with us, explore the city, culture, culinary, and the heritage building.  For further information and reservation, you can send your to request to :

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