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Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, capital city of eastjava province. with almost four million people, Surabaya is a nice city you could visit as a gate to start your journey in east java province.

Surabaya has international Juanda airport, it can be reached by direct flight from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Brunei Darussalam, Taiwan, Bangkok-Thailand.

There are some different ethnic who are living here, with their local dialects, local food, and tourism objects such as Cigarrete museum, Heroes monument, Submarine monument, Chinesse temple, Chinesse mosque, traditional market, and many others. Let’s enjoy this trip with us, Surabaya tour, 2 can go.

#Cigarrete museum ( House of Sampoerna ), talking about the cigarrete, Here you will see the manual traditional process how to roll the cigarrete. The cigarrete ingridients are tobacco leave and cloves, also you could see the cigarrete museum’s collections which is telling about the success story of the Cigarrete factory’s founder.

 #Submarine monument,  formerly it was Submarine which is used by Indonesia Navy in military operation. This submarine is SS Whiskey class, made in Rusia 1952, this submarine was received on December 1962. Now, the submarine became a monument which is located near Surabaya Plaza.



#Heroes monument,  it was built in 1951, this monument was built is to memorize the heroic spirit and event of Surabaya’s youth. It becomes the first monument in Indonesia that is dedicated to memorize the country’s defender.

Here, we would like to combine the Surabaya city tour and volcano trip to mount Bromo. Day 01: you will be picked up by our guide, then visiting the old of Surabaya, after that proceed to your choosen hotel near mount Bromo.

Day 02 : early morning wake up, our guide will accompany to go to mt.Pananjakan by four wheel drive is to see the sunrise. After sunrise, go to mt.Bromo.

From Surabaya city, also you can do some of our tour packages, such as Surabaya City tourMadura island tourBromo midnight tour,  Bromo day tourMalang City TourBromo Relax Batu tour, and Ijen Blue Fire. If any question about our product, do not hesitate to contact us.

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